Saturday, May 23, 2015

Free dreamers!

So I had some free time and made a lil something........

I love Geisha girls...with their pretty make up and lovely accessories and their here is a Geisha being blissful and pretty much a day dreamer.

And then I made another quick doodle...

Made this out of crayon pallet......just a simple girl with a zest for life! :D

Friday, April 10, 2015

Water colour experiments!

So I started experimenting with water colours in paint sai and I love it!!!!! 
So I made two artworks trying this pallet brush thingy and I think it came out pretty darn well.

Now I know what you are thinking...."pfft noob,never used a watercolour pallet before"
Ummm...maybe not.....but yea my point is I usually do a lot of my arts with this is pretty new to me....I guess I will start using it more often now :D yay!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just chillin'

So it's been ages that I posted anything......for good reasons!!I was busy with.....stuff......okay not exactly a great reason but then again hey..I am here! :D And hoping to stay here a bit longer!!

So this art was inspired a bit on a new show I was recently hooked into...Bee and Puppycat!

I tell you, this show is probably the weirdest and silliest show I have ever seen.....but Good is sooooo CUTE!!!! Check it out on youtube if you love cuteness!!

Anyways, I will catch up with you guys very soon!Till then, have a wonderful day! <3 p="">

Friday, October 24, 2014

Batman Plushie!!!

So I got back into my stitching project....I still didn't improve one bit anyhoooooo......I made a little batman buddy! :D

"I am Batman!!!"

                                       "What?You do not has a batman stamp??"

                                                    "Batman...what are you doing?"     
                                                     " NOTHING!!I AM BATMAN! "

                                            " I shall protect you....coz I am batman!!"

                                           "Batman?!What are you doing in my PC?"
                                                   "Nothing!I am helping you work!"
                                              "No!You just want to check facebook!"
                                                                     "I'm Batman!!!"

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Goddess

I made a thing and called it simply....the Goddess!

What inspired me to make this you ask?Well honestly....I wanted a new cover photo for my Facebook profile...*blush*

Ohh and on an unrelated note....I made a tumblr account! HA! Incase you want to check it it is....

Now I just need to know how to tumble.....Gulp!