Friday, October 24, 2014

Batman Plushie!!!

So I got back into my stitching project....I still didn't improve one bit anyhoooooo......I made a little batman buddy! :D

"I am Batman!!!"

                                       "What?You do not has a batman stamp??"

                                                    "Batman...what are you doing?"     
                                                     " NOTHING!!I AM BATMAN! "

                                            " I shall protect you....coz I am batman!!"

                                           "Batman?!What are you doing in my PC?"
                                                   "Nothing!I am helping you work!"
                                              "No!You just want to check facebook!"
                                                                     "I'm Batman!!!"

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Goddess

I made a thing and called it simply....the Goddess!

What inspired me to make this you ask?Well honestly....I wanted a new cover photo for my Facebook profile...*blush*

Ohh and on an unrelated note....I made a tumblr account! HA! Incase you want to check it it is....

Now I just need to know how to tumble.....Gulp!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Pet Stalker pixel animals or humans were hurt in the making of this video... :P

A lil fun fact....I did actually receive a personal message like this in my inbox a long time ago, since then I was inspired to make a funny video about it! :3

Ahh all in fun and games...get it?I dont get it either...I just wanted to always say that....dohohoohohoho!

Friday, April 11, 2014

So brave!

Wow....It's been forever...I mean wow!!!Well finally got myself into the game....wait I always was in the game...I guess time is to blame...okay okay I don't know who to blame....
Hey I just noticed.... I rhymed!yay!Bwahahaha! :D

Anyways...this comic is dedicated to my another most fav person in the world...Rei!Always been my best buddy..supporting me and advising me whenever I needed it most!If I was supposed to explain how our friendship is....let's just say if we were stuck in a bad situation like a Zombie Apocalypse...we would make a good team to survive through it for a longggggg time....that's how good we amigos be!Glad I got to know you boi!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Vlog project has began!

Happy New Year yea...this has become a thing now...going to still update my blog...gonna still make skits....this is def. a new adventure for me....wish me luck! :3

And so three cheers to the new channel, go ahead have a lookey look :D

Thanks for all your support guys....let's make 2014 a memorable one! :D