Friday, April 11, 2014

So brave!

Wow....It's been forever...I mean wow!!!Well finally got myself into the game....wait I always was in the game...I guess time is to blame...okay okay I don't know who to blame....
Hey I just noticed.... I rhymed!yay!Bwahahaha! :D

Anyways...this comic is dedicated to my another most fav person in the world...Rei!Always been my best buddy..supporting me and advising me whenever I needed it most!If I was supposed to explain how our friendship is....let's just say if we were stuck in a bad situation like a Zombie Apocalypse...we would make a good team to survive through it for a longggggg time....that's how good we amigos be!Glad I got to know you boi!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Vlog project has began!

Happy New Year yea...this has become a thing now...going to still update my blog...gonna still make skits....this is def. a new adventure for me....wish me luck! :3

And so three cheers to the new channel, go ahead have a lookey look :D

Thanks for all your support guys....let's make 2014 a memorable one! :D

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Season Fail!

So yea I disappeared for a while....oops.....
So down with a flu....perfect time to share these with let's see....weathers are like roses....beautiful but they love to prick you with their itty bitty thorns....okay that did not work...I will catch you guys next time! :P

Friday, September 13, 2013 feline sweetheart!

So many of you know about Kaz....or not....well I can always introduce about her again!

She is a stray cat that lives near a tiny park next to my much as I wish I could take her home...I can't!

Good news however is that apart from me, there seems to be other people who take good care of her...she is always fed and groomed...whoever you are awesome!

As for her eye...well...she is quiet aggressive with other I am going to guess that she lost her eye in a fight. 
I could go on about how amazing she is....but then again the list will never end....I guess what I do love about her the most is that she is one heck of a strong gal!Nothing can break her down!!

Ohh side note: Been real busy with work from now posts are going to be published on Fridays!It seems just much more easier this way!Heh!Thanks for all the support!Cya guys later!!! :D

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute lovers!

Hey look a thing! So I was listening to mushy songs and it really got me into drawing something...well...mushy and little raindrops of lemonade that drips into your parched tongue...I am not going anywhere with this.
Well apart from this...I decided to goof around with the are some giggle doodles!

Heh....till next time!Have a great day everyone!Chu! <3 br="" nbsp="">
Note: I lost all the lovely comments from the past few posts that I made all thanks to using the disque (whatever) app attached to this blog, took it off because it seemed difficult to get used to it not just for me but for others as well...I rather stick to the old school commenting style.
So to those who made the lovely comments...really sorry if it's all gone away!Those were some beautiful and funny responses and not removed intentionally! <3>

Thursday, August 15, 2013


So this is a dream I had just this morning....I have now rods to describe how stupid it sounds but here goes...

I wake up in the morning and see my sister getting ready to head out for the day, smiling at me..I declared she had a disease known as Paralegic where symptoms include being really happy and energetic, I quickly get out of bed and run out of the room!

Everything appears hazy....

I then end up running for my life from an unknown guy who looks like a dude from men in black...he is trying to stop me from researching about this disease! I try to hide from him so I hide inside what looks like these large construction tube thingies (I am so good at describing things!) To my horror I see an unknown victim of the Paralegic diseases, he was happy for a second and then he slowly decays and falls to the ground, and then huge brown tube like worms with teeth surround him..eww eww eww....I run away...I was still not safe.


I find myself in a school...trying to get some research done in a science lab, trying to make out with little I can do with whatever school equipment was available..They are still after me...can it be that these men in black dudes are also a victim to the disease,they seem to serious but they are sure as heck energetic...I still need to get away from them,I need to quickly grab my research and run....

Hazy again......

I figured it out, I know what this disease is about......(I really do not what it is about...I guess dream me knew what was going on) I have to tell someone...anyone I can trust....

I wake up for real this time...I sit up and wonder....what the heck did I just dream...meh it was still fun!

Now I just want to go to my sis and scream,"You are infected with Paralegic disease!" and see how she reacts! :P 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gift Tutorial?

I have no idea what I'm doing....heh!
Thanks sis for putting up with my nonsense video...heh!